Who is Kinetic Securities?

Kinetic Securities is a dynamic and energetic full service advisory firm facilitating trading of equities, derivatives and FX on local & international markets. As the name suggests, we continue to move and adapt as our clients require us to within the ever changing environment of financial markets.

We base our business model on providing our clients with timely and efficient solutions, so as they can gain the most from whatever their individual investment goals may be. We recognise that our clients are an integral part of our business. Without exceeding their expectations and helping them to grow, we too cannot expect to grow.

Our aim is to increase your financial security by providing service at the level you expect, and by increasing your understanding of the instruments and strategies that are being traded. Every effort is made by all the firm’s members to maximise the profitable opportunities of our clients, whether they be investors or traders.

Kinetic Securities holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 309743), which has being issued to it by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Why Use Us

  • Kinetic Securities is an Australian owned and managed full service advisory firm, so we relate to and understand what Australian investors needs and priorities are.
  • A strong technical research team drives Kinetic Securities and we feel this is a major factor setting us apart from the rest. By becoming a client, you are being exposed to regular updates and other technical reports that alert you to profitable opportunities in the market.
  • We are familiar with & use many different strategies in order to gain the most from your invested money. We offer strategies that cover areas from long-term protected growth to short term cash flow.
  • We offer private clients a range of comprehensive services that include trade management, margin lending, access to new company IPOs plus much more, structured to give you as much or as little as you need in the way of information and support.
  • We believe that a business is only as good as its dedicated team of staff. Our friendly team make our clients lives as easy as possible when dealing with their financial situations. Whether you are a new investor finding your feet, or an experienced trader, our industry qualified and compliant private client advisors can cater for your needs.
  • We are 100% dedicated to our clients growth, both financially & intellectually. An educated investor is a wealthy investor. We spend time with you, whether on the phone or in person, to insure you understand all your financial opportunities.


Our vision is to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading boutique stockbroking firms within our own specialised niche market. Our niche market is for those people who wish to become educated investors in order to realise their dreams, and not just receive a financial service. Kinetic Securities aims to make investing a lifestyle for all private clients, not a task.


In the vast and sometimes confusing world of financial markets, investors can often get lost wading their way through all the information that is made available to them. Kinetic Securities mission is to create a simplistic edge to this fast paced environment by a logical process and formula that will work for any individual no matter what level of knowledge they have.

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