Auto Trading: Basic Features, Facts and More

Auto trading refers to a strategy whereby the entry and exit points are governed by a pre-defined set of parameters determined by the traders themselves. Typically auto trading is practiced by traders who deal with enter and exit positions at much higher rates than regular investors. Alternately known as the robot trading system, it involves the use of investment newsletters whereby the buy and sell orders, based on the newsletter’s recommendation, are delivered to the subscriber brokers automatically to be implemented in the market. This process is facilitated by the provision of an auto trading feature by the investment newsletters. Be it monitoring trades or else changing entry or exit points, the proper configuration of the automated system allows you to do everything. Therefore, put in simple words, auto trading can be described as strategies or systems that have already been used by experienced traders and are then deployed for other investors. Go through the list of its features in detail in a bid to conduct business favorably.

Auto Trade

Auto Trade

Some of the Features Described

The key features of the auto trading system can be summed up with the help of the following points:


A Varied Range of Trading Systems are Allowed

An investor is allowed to use multiple systems at one go. Irrespective of the fact whether the systems provide the same things or trade in opposite directions. They can be used in multiple markets like forex, futures, stocks etc.


Size Control

The power to monitor the size of the trade lies with you. You have the liberty to fix the maximum number dollar value or the maximum number of contracts.


The Liberty to Intervene at Ease

You can increase the size of the trade or decrease it whenever you want. If you feel like you aren’t liking some of the trades anymore you can exclude them thereby decreasing the size and vice versa


What You Should Know

It is advisable that you use the robot trading system as means of an aide only if you are an experienced trader who doesn’t have the required time to explore the complimentary conditions in the market. It is suggested that as a novice you should at least explore the market manually before investing. It is not wise to expect a miracle while you’re still in your initial stages as a trader.


It is a bit difficult to interfere in an auto trading system, while it is easier to alter directions in a simple manual trading system.


It is not wise to think that you’ll be able to achieve a miracle with an automated system if you don’t have the required skill to analyze and understand the dynamics ruling the trade.  Adopting a faulty system perpetually won’t by any means guarantee success for you as a trader.


It should be remembered that there is never a perfect strategy for successful business. It will be your education about the system that can help you attain success in the trade. For instance, it will be your knowhow of the subject that itself will indicate that there is no point in using an automated system if you are not interested applying well developed strategies that you have been using over a long period of time. Everything starting from your simple money management skills to your understanding of the complex Forex strategies will help you duly in auto trading and will essentially determine your fate.

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