Best binary options brokers – Take your pick

If you have been trading with binary options and more or less experienced in this field, you ought to know how important the role of a binary option broker is. Also that there are several such option trading brokers in the market that deal with different types of clients and guide them in their trading ventures. However, you must have noticed that the best binary options brokers enjoy an edge over the others in the same field due to aspects that make them superior to the rest. In this article we will find the essential features and aspects of some of the best binary options brokers operating in the market. So, read on for better insight.


Regarded as one of the most user friendly trading platforms available in the market, it also offers easy navigation as far as browsing the various features of the website is concerned. However, there is one cause of concern with this binary option trading broker and that is there are times during the day when trading is halted due to breaking news and other news related events. One of the best parts about this broker is that it offers 15 minutes for trading binary options on any underlying asset. Another USP of this broker is that it offers excellent customer service support to clients through online chat services and telephone.

Trade Rush

This is one of the binary option trading brokers operating in the market not for long but within this short time span has won the hearts of many traders already. One of the main USPs of this broker is that it has a team of highly well versed professionals that offer you the best possible guidance pertaining to trading options. It offers a unique trading technique known as the “60 second” option ideal for traders interested in quick trade and in the event you want to make some changes in your trading strategies following breaking news. However, you may not be happy with the payout rates they offer.

Banc de Binary

According to reviews, one of the most commonly given feedback of this binary option broker is “excellent execution times”. This has been unanimously approved by all traders. Also the expiry times of this broker are good with negligible spreads. It is also easier and simpler to retrieve your cash and the same applied for depositing cash too. The website of this oftentimes regarded as one of the best binary options brokers is user friendly too. You will not find it difficult to navigate the pages. As far as the number of assets you can trade is concerned, with Banc de Binary, you have several options at your disposal. As many as 55 assets are offered by this broker. These essentially include commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices. This trading broker also offers as many as 4 different expiration times, namely, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, and End of Day.

As far as customer support and modes of communication is concerned, it is excellent in its services.

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