CFDs & FX – Advisory CFDs


Advisory CFDs

Our Advisory CFDs account benefits:

  • Developed for any level of CFD trader
  • Proactive and reactive advisory service
  • Specific recommendations as opportunities arise
  • Focus on risk management
  • Minimum starting balance of $20 000
  • Read risk warning
  • See charges

We work with our clients on an individual basis throughout the trading day, providing both proactive and reactive services. The service benefits from our years of direct market experience, valued objective analysis and client interaction, making it the perfect trading partner.

Our proactive service

Our proactive service includes long, short and relative-performance trade recommendations, and covers:

  • Liquid actively traded stocks in the ASX200
  • Global stock indices
  • Metals
  • Energies
  • Softs

CFDs & FX - Advisory CFDs


Our specific recommendations given to clients on a daily basis, by email, include:

  • suggested entry price points
  • stop loss levels and profit taking instructions

In fact, all our recommendations include specific entry price levels, initial stop loss points and dynamic updates after a trade idea has been issued. Risk and money management both play a critical role in our trading methodology. Particularly as CFDs are margin traded products and as such can carry a high degree of risk. Therefore you should only speculate with money you can afford to lose.

Our reactive service

We also offer our clients a reactive analysis service for the following areas:

  • Chart analysis over varying timeframes
  • Fundamental interpretation of macro news
  • Money and risk management

So, if you’d like to receive an impartial and considered opinion on a chart of your choice, or if you’d like to find out, for example, how the latest inflation numbers are expected to affect the US dollar, you’re free to contact one of our experienced trading advisors.

CFD prices can be very volatile and the resulting losses may require further payments to be made.

Managing risk

We make it our priority to focus on managing the risks of trading CFDs. Every trading professional agrees that discipline in risk and money management is the touchstone to ultimate success. Dealing responsibly with losing trades is crucial in the path to achieving profits.

Contracts for difference (CFDs) trading typically require the deposit of a small percentage of the total trade value. As the financial outcome is determined by the price movement on the total trade value, profits and losses can quickly exceed the initial deposit. Ensure you fully understand the risks as these products are not suitable for everyone, seeking independent advice if necessary.

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