Equities & Options

Kinetic Securities provides direct market access (DMA) trading services to the ASX equity & option markets, global CFD markets and global future markets to both individual traders and institutions alike. We aim to provide all of our customers with:

  • The most competitive price and a trading platform that is consistent with their trading style.
  • A trading atmosphere where every customer can profit and achieve wealth.
  • The highest level of service where customers would recommend our service to their peers.

Stockbroking & Derivatives

The Australian stock market can provide many opportunities to help investors achieve their financial goals. To maximise the benefits of investing in the stock market, access to reliable advice and timely research is essential.

Equities & Options

Our advisors continually assess the domestic market and its opportunities as they arise. They are backed by strong technical research which covers Australia’s top ASX listed companies. They can show you how to maximise your returns from your existing portfolio or create a new one based upon timely opportunities.

Whether you are an active stock trader or a passive buy & hold investor, we feel you will gain from using our professional advisors and strong research that will get you in and out of the market at the right time.

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