Auto-Trader allows you to execute your newsletter or investment advisory service’s stock or option recommendations automatically. We do all the trading work for you.

Auto-Trader gives you the ability to have a stock or option order executed based on trade recommendations from your trading newsletter or Investment advisory service. Our Auto-Trader system can execute your trades as received from your advisory service’s recommendations without you having to manually place orders. You may still receive a copy of the trading recommendations from your advisor, however with Kinetic Securities’ Auto-Trader system, you give us authorisation to execute the trades on your behalf exactly as they are received from your newsletter or advisor. This allows you to have trades placed in your account even when you are not near your computer or a phone.*

Why should you consider Kinetic Securities Auto-Trader service for your stock or option trades?

  • Convenience: Auto-Trader will automatically execute trades received from your newsletter or advisory service. Your advisory service recommendations can be sent directly to Auto-Trader.
  • Choice: You can choose the trading parameters that fit you best. You can sort your trades by: 1. $ Dollar value of the transactions 2. # Number of shares 3. Or any other parameters your investment advisor may recommend You can also choose which of our newsletters or investment advisory services ** you want to use with Auto-Trader.
  • Control: You alone control your account. At any time you can stop the Auto-Trader service or change your trade parameters.


About Auto-Trader*

  • You authorise Auto-Trader to follow the newsletter or advisory service of your choice using the forms provided in your new account package.**
  • You just need to complete the account application and Auto-Trader forms and submit them to us. Once your account number has been assigned, and funds have been sent to your account, your Auto-Trader service can begin.
  • Auto-Trader will continue to trade in your account until your subscription is cancelled unless one or more the following changes are made in writing:
    • A change of the dollar amount, or number of shares/contracts assigned for each trade.
    • A change of the specific services (by proper name) to the Auto-Trader service.
    • A change in your Auto-Trader status from active to inactive, or back to active from inactive.
    • All accounts listed as “sell only,” will be terminated upon sale of the last position, unless requested otherwise.
  • You can change the Auto-Trader service options at any time. Please inform us in writing of any changes that you wish to be implemented on your account.
  • You control your account. Auto-Trader will follow your newsletter or advisors trade recommendations accurately.
  • You can combine your own trading with Auto-Trader. If you want to close a position or cancel a trade before your newsletter or investment advisor does, call +61 2 8667 3100 and say: “I want to close a position, remove this trade from Auto-Trader.” Written correspondence is also necessary. Customers will be held responsible for duplicate trades, if they have not contacted Kinetic Securities to turn off the service after manually placing a trade or cancelling an order.
  • Sufficient funds must be available in your account. No trading will occur, regardless of the instructions from your newsletter or advisory service, unless there are sufficient funds available in your account. Auto-Trader will only place a trade in an account having available cash or buying power to place the recommended trade. Auto-Trader will not place option trades that will result in additional margin debt. If your newsletter or advisory service requires or recommends the use of a margin loan, Kinetic Securities requires pre-authorisation.

* An additional cost may be involved for utilising this service.

* Clients must read and sign all Auto-Trader disclosures and authorisations before commencing use of Auto-Trader.

* A seperate account must be opened for the purpose of Auto-Trader. Whilst subscribing to Auto-Trader, only trades from your newsletter or investment advisory service will be accepted in this account.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not and cannot make any warranty or guarantee about the performance or investment strategies of any newsletters or investment advisory service you may subscribe to. Please do your own research about these companies that are offering this service before you make any decisions about who to use.

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