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Kinetic Securities was originally established as an advisory firm specialising in share & derivative strategies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and has since developed a team of experienced analysts and brokers who are able to advise across all major asset classes and international markets. With our head office based in the city of Sydney, we have strong relationships with many leading financial institutions in Australia, providing an array of financial instruments.

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Kinetic Economist

Kinetic Securities is Australia’s most accurate economics and market forecasting firm

Yes All Good in Oz
As forecast here all last year, some of the majors now agree Australian unemployment will peak near 6.0%.
…we are still in the midst, perhaps only at the beginning, of a period of sustained and significant global growth.
…the most pressing social issue Australia will have to deal with over the next one to two decades, will be what to do with all the wealth.
The challenge for Australian business is to snap up all the good talent currently available, before it really becomes a struggle to find anyone who isn’t already well employed and also paid well.
The Australian dollar will continue to be driven higher by all the well known factors, …
US$1.03 by the end of this year.

Kinetic Securities

2010 will see more sustained economic recovery

It has been a great year in 2009.

We saw the last of the pessimism rung from the market, followed by one of the best rallies global financial markets have ever seen, in equities, commodities and non-USD currencies.

Calling the absolute market low, our “Ring the Bell” report, and the start of the long term fresh bull market on March 11th, has enabled us to keep a good handle on things this year.

We foresaw the Gold and Oil rallies from near the bottom, and this time last year we were the only Australian dollar bull, calling 89 cents for the end of 2009, while the rest of the market forecast 69 to 55 cents. Even in mainstream economics we were the first to see the rapid recovery of China and Australia, without the need for a US recovery. For example our consistent forecast that Australian unemployment would peak between 5.7% and 6.1%, often ridiculed, has proved correct. Other firsts included the call for the RBA to stop at 3.00%, and our forecast for rate hikes by year end, when the major banks were forecasting rates would be at 2.00% by now. Where others have been surprised, we have triumphed.

Now, that was last year, what of next year?

There is a saying we should all consider on a daily basis, “today a rooster, tomorrow a feather duster”. When we are most confident, can be when we are most exposed to the prospect of a valuable learning experience. That said, here we go again.

The year 2010 will see more sustained economic recovery, but we don’t think it will be all that spectacular in terms of GDP growth in the western economies. Asia will dominate even more than it has in 2009, and the US will enjoy only moderate growth. South America will surprise on the upside, and overall global growth will be very strong.

ATIC Shenzhen 2009

Kinetic Securities will be attending ATIC Shenzhen 2009, the largest and most prestigious financial expo in China.

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